Egypt adventure world is a group of young, energetic tour guides with University degrees in the field of Egyptology, and more than 10 years experience. Our company is founded on the principal of pride in our country, our heritage and the culture of our people. We wish to show you an Egypt that will leave you awe inspired and with the desire to return again and again. Our industry has suffered for many years at the hands of unprofessional tour guides and travel agents whose soul purpose is to take as much money as possible from guests to Egypt and show them very little of its culture, monuments and the uniqueness found only here. We are specialists and as such offer tour programs which fit almost every budget and time schedule. Much of our profits are put back into our company programs to continually improve cultural exchange between peoples of many countries and communities.Also we know how can we make our travelers enjoy the real life experience with heaps of fun and nice memories which will make you never forget your holiday in Egypt. With us you will enjoy monuments, culture, entertainment, healing resorts, eco tourism and more, with the promise of leaving us, not only happy and satisfied with our services, but as our close friends. We look forward to having you as our guests and our friends.

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